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Insect repellents containing citronella or eucalyptus oil as an active ingredient are being withdrawn following changes to EU regulations. The Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC came into force in May 2000 and the latest update, which includes citronella, is effective from September 1st 2006.

Citronella and eucalyptus oil are still available, providing they are not intended to be used for biocidal or repellent purposes, but insect sprays as well as citronella candles for repelling insects fall under the ban.

Chemicals which have been notified to the regulators (The Health & Safety Executive) can remain on the market until a review has been completed if manufacturers want to continue selling the product. As the industry did not ask for citronella to be considered, it is now banned in repellents. Eucalyptus globulus extract and eucalyptus oil are also affected by the September 1 deadline.

All the active ingredients in the Benísģ range of insect repellents i.e. DEET and PMD (p-menthane 3.8 diol) are being supported by industry and remain on sale.

Benísģ Bite-Ezer does contain eucalyptus oil but is outside this ban as its purpose is neither biocidal nor repellent.

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